3rd Annual Scientific Meeting

(22 – 24 November 2013) Bengaluru, India

The 3rd meeting of AAHRS was jointly organized with 5th annual meeting of Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AHRS). It was organized by Dr. Sanjiv Vasa, President AAHRS) and Dr. Venkataram Mysore, (President AHRS President). It was attended by over 250 delegates from India, Asia, and other parts of the world. The theme of the conference, Hair Transplant 360°, covered all the aspects of Hair Restoration including hair anatomy, diagnosis of hair loss, medical management, FUT, FUE, and complications and innovations in the field of hair restoration. The guest faculty included Dr. Robert True from USA (who was also the ISHRS representative), Dr. Jose Lorenzo from Spain, and 50 more distinguished speakers from Asia and India.


The Basics Course, directed by Dr. Anil Garg. The presenters included Dr. Aman Dua, Dr. Rajesh Rajput, Dr. Sandeep Sattur, Dr. Sanjiv Vasa, Dr. Ali Abbasi, Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich, Dr. Jose Lorenzo (Spain), Dr. Kapil Dua (India), Dr. Manoj Khanna, Dr. Jayashree Venkataram, Dr. Niteen Dhepe. At the end of the day, the delegates of both courses got a glimpse of Robotic FUE through a half-hour video.


the 2nd day included many wonderful presentations by Dr. Pathomvanich, Dr. Kamran Jazayeri (Iran), Dr. Anil Garg, Dr. Pradip Atadoria, Dr. Sattur, Dr. Manas Chatterjee, Dr. Robert True, Dr. Aman Dua, Dr. Lorenzo, Dr. Kuldeep Saxsena, Dr. Kapil Dua, Dr. Ramachandran, Dr. Imagawa, Dr. Manoj Khanna, Dr. Niteen Dhepe. The Video Session comprised of the presentations by Dr. Arika Bansal, by Dr. Kuldeep, Dr. Vivek Saxsena, Dr. Irene Lin (Taiwan). A panel discussion on donor area depletion in FUT and FUE highlighted the limitations of both techniques.

November 24, 2013

The final day started with Breakfast with Experts session. Eleven experts discussed important topics such as setting up a hair transplant clinic, manual FUE, motorized FUE, strip harvesting, body hair transplant, vertex planning, avoiding donor scarring, recipient insertion, internet, marketing, redo cases, mesotherapy, and stem cells.

An award paper session was held in the end, judged by a panel of jury which was awarded to Dr. Sukesh.

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The Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AAHRS) is a non-profit voluntary organization of hair restoration doctors who practices for Asian patients. It was founded in 2010 as the first Asian society to promote Continuing Quality Improvement and education for professionals in the field of medical hair restoration surgery for Asian people.

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