2nd Annual Scientific Meeting

(11 – 13 May 2012) Seoul, Korea

The 2nd Annual Meeting of AAHRS was organized as a Joint meeting with Korean Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (KSHRS). The meeting was organized by Dr Sunjoo “Tommy” Hwang from Korea. It was attended by 250 participants from 23 countries. It has 33 overseas faculty members and 10 local hair transplant surgeons.

Friday 11th May 2012.

ABHRS certification exam was held in conjunction with AAHRS meeting. Dr Tommy organized one-day workshop and performed a ‘strip surgery’ with his team. Dr Jose Lorenzo demonstrated his FUE technique. Various topics were covered. Eyebrow Transplant (Dr. Jung-Wook Hwang), Female Hairline Correcting Operation (Dr. Jae-Heon Jung), and John Cole’s FUE (Dr. John Cole). Afternoon session topics were FUT with Slit Method (Dr. In-Joon Lee), FUT with Implanter (Dr. Jung-Chul Kim and Dr. Ji Sup Ahn), and Eyebrow Transplant (Dr. Jung-Wook Hwang).

Saturday/Sunday 12-13th May 2012.

The scientific program was consisted of Invited Lectures, Video Surgery Workshops, Panel Discussions, Hairline Design Interactive Panels, free scientific papers, and Breakfast with the Experts. AAHRS President Dr. Tommy Hwang and KSHRS President Prof. Jung-Chul Kim opened the General Session followed by the address of ISHRS President Dr. Jennifer Martinick. The presenters included Dr. Alex Ginzburg, Dr. Ji-Sung Bang, Dr. Robert True, Dr. Jose Lorenzo, Dr. Bertram Ng, Dr. Miguel Canales, Dr. Mohammad Humayun Mohmand,

Dr. Jerry Wong, Dr. Parsa Mohebi, Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich, Dr. Dae-Young Kim, Dr. Jae-heon Jun, Dr. Jae-Hyun Park, Dr.Ji-Sup Ahn, Dr. Sung-Jae Yi, Dr. Jennifer Martinick, Dr. Seok-Jong Lee,

Dr. Won Soo Lee, Dr. Nilofer Farjo, Dr. Paul McAndrews, Dr. Jocelyn Panaligan, Dr. Anil Garg, Prof. Jung-Chui Kim, Dr. Tommy Hwang, Dr. Moon-Kyu Kim, Dr. Jae-Hak Yoo, Dr. Robert Reese, Dr. In-Joon Le, Dr. Jino Kim, Dr. Kuniyoshi Yagyu, Dr. Golamali Abbasi, Dr. Shelly Friedman, Dr. Wen Yi Wu, Dr. William Rassman, Dr. Jack Yu, Dr. Kenichiro Imagawa, Dr. Vincenzo Gambino and Dr. Mojtaba Amiri.

The live surgery workshop was moderated by Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich. The surgeries were performed by Dr John Cole (FUE) and Dr. Sanjiv Vasa (FUT). Dr. Hwang expressed gratitude to all the invited speakers and participants. Dr. Pathomvanich was awarded the first AAHRS Award. Dr. Vasa was announced as the next president of the AAHRS.

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